About This Blog

The Motivation & Reason Behind the Creation of This Blog

Meet The Author

Andrew Koh

Web Design, SEO and Internet Marketing Coach

I'm Andrew Koh, founder of Awesome Sites Pte. Ltd., a leading WordPress web design training provider in Singapore. Also own Biz Edge Consultancy, a firm specialising is SEO services as well as Web Design and Development.

I am also a web design, SEO and Internet Marketing Coach and have trained more than 5,000 students in various areas of Internet Marketing.

In creating this blog, I hope to get Singaporeans from all walks of live to start thinking about their future. This is not an Internet Marketing blog, just a blog discussing our lives and how we Work, Live and Play, the way I see it. Our tagline - Experiencing Singapore and the World Through Our Eyes!

Our Objectives

Living in Singapore, life is comfortable. Few are homeless or extremely poor. And in this cushy environment, we sometimes become complacent. We overly rely on our Government to help secure our future, forgetting that the only person who we can ultimately count on to take care of our loved ones is ourselves.

I was once a Senior Vice President and Chief Agency Officer at HSBC Insurance. Live was good until I was retrenched. I learned then, the importance of having an alternate skill that I can rely on, to put food on the table for my family. I ventured into Internet Marketing, learning skills like SEO and Web Design. Today, I'm competent enough to teach SEO and Internet Marketing at the highest level. Its a journey I had never expected I would take, when I started my career as a training officer at AIA.

My point is, we all must think and plan for our future. As the saying goes, our future lies in our hands.

And in creating this blog, my objective is simple - to share my experiences so that hopefully, the young will be inspired to think about and create a better future for themselves.

Hence, our tagline - Work, Live Play. Our Future, Our Singapore.


It's unfortunate that the day we begin publishing, the world is pre-occupied predominantly with just one major news - severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease it causes - Covid -19.

Our coverage for now will pretty much focus on this area but in time, we will widen our focus and bring attention back to our future and our Singapore.